Power flow 5 year National Guarantee

- 8/5/2019 11:23:00 AM

All Powerflow silencers carry a 5 year national guarantee. This means that whether you are in Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng you can take your vehicle into any Powerflow fitment centre with your invoice for your guarantee.

Replacements and repairs

- 8/5/2019 11:18:15 AM

All Powerflow fitment centres do repairs and replacements with the same high quality workmanship and dedication as demanded by management. Bring your vehicle to any Powerflow fitment centre for a free exhaust check.
Full custom built performance systems

- 8/5/2019 11:16:04 AM

Powerflow fitment centres specialise in building full custom performance systems to suit your vehicle. Customised performance systems are built on the vehicle to the customers request resulting in many unique and highly specialised exhaust systems.