About Us At Powerflow Bellvile Exhausts

More than 25 Years of service to the South African motorist

The Powerflow Exhausts Brand was born in Durban 35 years ago, with the Powerflow Exhausts Family of Franchisees growing progressively since franchising began in 1993. Powerflow Exhausts is recognized by thousands of satisfied customers, to be the number one leading brand in stainless steel exhaust fitment. The South African Powerflow Exhausts Family consists of 26 franchisees located throughout South Africa.

Brand Values

The Powerflow Exhausts Brand is a well-established, market leader in custom exhaust fitting.

The brand values emulate from consistent delivery of quality and service that include:
• The dynamic performance and longevity of our products that have evolved through vast experience and quantified expertise built through extensive product development.
• Excellence in fitment expertise and the desire by staff and management to deliver the best available service available anywhere in the sector
• Pride in providing the best possible solution to every customer, every time.

Powerflow - A Global Brand

Powerflow Exhausts is an internationally registered trademark and marketed in a growing number of countries, including the United Kingdom where there are currently 60 plus Powerflow Exhausts Franchisees. Our North American franchised brand, Lou's Custom Exhausts, has grown to 28 franchisees. Our products are also fitted in countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Australia.

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